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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Friday will see the return of the annual shopping bonanza, where you can bag yourself a bargain and get some great deals. This year is expected to be bigger than ever, and with this, we are anticipating a rise in cyber criminals targeting online shoppers.

Check out our TOP TIPS for staying safe online during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


To help keep you safe throughout the year, we’re offering a FREE 12 month subscription to our Digital Safeguarding Community.

This includes unlimited advice & guidance on any digital safeguarding issues such as cyber security, data protection and online safety. What’s more, your school will receive monthly resources and two free places to any ICT4C event.

This offer is valid for orders placed on Friday 25th & Monday 28th November for any of the following products & services:

BASECAMP: Embed technology into your teaching delivery with our resource portal

ONSITE SUPPORT: Support your IT with the help of our friendly technicians

BROADBAND: Connect to our education-only network with centralised filtering

SOPHOS: Protect your networks and servers against ransomware and viruses

CYBERPASS: The complete e-safety and digital citizenship education tool

FREE Anti Buyllying Lesson Idea

Anti-Bullying Week

This year’s Anti-Bullying week takes place from the 14th-18th November and the theme is ‘Power for Good’. Use your lesson to encourage students to say positive things about each other.

  1. Ask your pupils to pick a name out of hat
  2. Get them to create a Voki which describes a quality about the pupil they have selected (e.g. clever, funny, kind)
  3. Share the Voki with the rest of the class and discuss how this makes your pupils feel


Click here for your FREE resource from Basecamp which includes a step-by-step guide on how to create a Voki (talking avatar). Alternatively, for more information about Basecamp get in touch on 0300 303 89 50 or email sales@ict4c.co.uk


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FREE Chromebook OR Basecamp Licence

Our friendly team of local technicians are on hand to provide cost-effective and reliable ICT support for your school. This education-focused service includes:

  • Dedicated onsite support from an experienced technician.
  • Remote monitoring of your systems to pick up and resolve issues as soon as they arise.
  • Access to training and consultancy from our educational consultant team.
  • Support for your ongoing vision and school improvement planning.

“I highly recommend ICT4C, they are a reliable, friendly and professional service that won’t let you down.” Hendal Primary School

Our Service Desk Analyst team will help you resolve common issues and support you through your interactions with us in addressing your requirements.

We can also access your network remotely to solve a number of common requests like password resets, data recovery and AV updates. This helps controls costs for you and ensures you can carry on with business as usual.

We’re launching an exclusive offer for both new and existing customers that take our School Support Service!

Renew or sign up before the 31st October and you will receive a FREE Chromebook or 12 months Basecamp Licence (the choice is yours).

Chromebook – The stylish HP Chromebook provides a speedy connection to your protected online content and automatically updated apps, all within an ultra-thin full-sized notebook, providing a comfortable gateway to surf, socialise and play. This Chromebook goes wherever you go and keeps your files safe and secure in the cloud.


Basecamp – Basecamp is an online portal that provides access to hundreds of approved resources that enable teachers and other classroom practitioners to embed technology into their teaching delivery. Aimed at KS1 and KS2 teachers across all subject levels, your school will receive a 12-month licence with unlimited staff users. Click here to download the Basecamp flyer.

For more information get in touch on 0300 303 89 50 or email info@ict4c.co.uk

Terms & Conditions

Your chosen free item will be delivered to your school following receipt of a confirmed order (Basecamp details will be sent via email). If however your school chooses to cancel their School Support Contract at any point within the 12 month period then you may be liable for the full cost of your chosen free item.

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Back-Up Storage

Every piece of data in your school is precious, which is why our back-up solution is designed to keep it out of harm’s way.

No matter what your size of school, when it comes to data, out of sight is very rarely out of mind.  In the event of data loss, accidental deletion, virus attack or server failure, you need confidence that you can recover business-critical information, and that it can be retrieved with minimal fuss and in minimal time.

Our flexible managed service takes the worry and pain away from you.  Our automated backup services will copy your data to our UK-based data centres, as frequently as you need and saving as many copies as you want, and help you to recover data whenever required.

  • Cost effective with a monthly subscription-based model
  • Secure UK based data centers with military grade encryption
  • Flexibility to specifiy what data you want backing up


Our Cloud Backup service automatically copies data from your servers into our UK-based data centres on a daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly basis.  We will agree with you what retention policies you need for different types of data, how many copies you would like to keep and how far back you would like to be able to recover data.  Our managed service runs automatically and provides you with daily reports so you can rest assured your data is safe.


Our Hybrid Backup service automatically copies data from your servers into our UK-based data centres, and also keeps a copy on your site for added assurance.  This is for organisations that want the convenience and speed of knowing that all your data is backed up locally, and it is also securely held off-site in the event of a hardware failure or other disaster scenario.

Server Replication

Our Server Replication service automatically keeps a live copy of your business-critical servers offsite, ready to be brought to life in the event of a disaster.  Copies of your data and transactions for your critical applications are taken every few minutes and securely stored offsite.   In the event of a disaster, we can start up the applications on our offsite servers within one hour and allow your business to continue without disruption.

For more information or pricing, get in touch on 0300 303 89 50 or email sales@ict4c.co.uk

Filtering & Monitoring Requirements

Filtering and monitoring have become hot topics for schools following the recent update to Keeping Children Safe in Education. The new guidance has highlighted (through support from the Safer Internet Centre) what makes educationally appropriate filtering and monitoring in the light of other  legislation that is now affecting schools, such as the Counter Terrorism and Securities Act.

The aim of this is to explain the filtering offered by ICT4C through Smoothwall and to help clear up some misconceptions that are going around with regards to monitoring.

Any school using ICT4C’s filtering solution, whether done through onsite server facilities, or our cloud based Smoothwall solution, is secure and meets the requirements laid down with regards to Child Abuse images and Content (CAIC) list. This is managed by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and is Integrated with the ‘Police Assessed List of Unlawful Terrorist Content which is produced on behalf of the Home Office’ and managed by the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU). Both of these are highlighted in the guidance issued by the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) which are referenced in the September update of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’. So the filtering of content is a good as any solution can be.

Currently we are able to respond to any requests from the Police to a Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) based on an IP request to identify an individual user, this can be done by working with your on-site technical team. It is key to ensure that the technical support team for the school are able to match users against an IP address which may involve all users having a unique login. For younger pupils this may raise concerns but there are steps that can be taken such as a developmental approach to passwords, or teacher retained passwords. We would however advise the removal of class based accounts in order to avoid potential issues.

The new guidance has identified that an appropriate feature is to produce reports or log files of internet activity which the school can use for effective intervention. For schools who have an onsite filtering server, the ability to serve these report/log files is already in place as along a full Active Directory (AD) is in place and can be managed directly by the school. These reports are regularly updated as part of the schools’ contract with ICT4C/Smoothwall.

However, for our cloud based service users we recognise that this is not as easy, comprehensive and as prompt as we would like it be.  So in response to this for our cloud based solution, we are currently implementing the technology to facilitate a new functionality known as ‘multi-tenant’.  This will allow schools to produce the reports of individual user activity making this a much simpler process. This implementation is currently under way, and having confirmed the position with both Smoothwall and our Chief Technical Officer, this will be complete for all schools filtered through our cloud solution by April next year, with some schools able to service requests from October half term. This update is an integral part of our service and does not require a school to purchase any additional services or software to be able to comply with the new requirements, it is included in the cost of the service we provide to our schools.

This change will not affect the content filtering aspect of our service as we currently meet all those requirements described in the SIC Appropriate Filtering guidance, however it will provide the additional requirements explained in the Appropriate Monitoring document around internet monitoring and the ability to report against specific categories.

For the school to benefit from user name logging there may be a certain amount of work required by the technical support team who works with your school, including potential firewall changes at the school level. This information will be shared with the school by our technical team as soon as possible to enable the work to be implemented in a planned approach.

What should be highlighted from new guidance document is the increased expectation being laid down about school’s ability to monitor activity on its network and that of users on 3G and 4G devices. So let’s start with the first apect, that of school owned network provision. The guidance has been developed to give schools options around this rather than laying down one single approach. The approach adopted by a school should be rooted in the self-review it has undertaken around as part of the CTSA and its own Digital Safeguarding of both staff and students. Depending on the outcomes of this, the correct approach will be identified.

If the school identifies high risks around extreme behaviour, radicalisation, cyberbullying, youth produced sexual images (sexting), child sexual exploitation or other online issues then they may wish to consider a technological solution. Bear in mind that not all staff might be confident enough to identify these issues and language barriers also need to be considered.

If the school identifies a low risk of the above and staff are confident that they are able to monitor the activity going on through good staff awareness and classroom practice then a more human base approach may be adopted. Both of these options are highlighted in the SIC guidance and one is not seen as the preferred option. At the end of the day, the school knows its strengths and weaknesses and the issues affecting its young people and makes the choice based on that. The main point here is that is can justify it decision through thorough self-review. As mentioned at the beginning of this section, no one is dictating a preferred solution, it is down to the school to identify what it needs to keep both its children and staff safe as well as meeting any legal requirements.

The monitoring of mobile device traffic (3G/4G) highlighted in KCSIE is more of an issue as this requires a more technical approach. Again when considering if a school requires a technical solution, it should refer to its self-review. In many cases with younger pupils this will probably not be an issue as access to the appropriate technology will be limited and usage is more easily manage, however consideration may need to be given around adult users within the school. If a school identifies that this is something that they require, solutions are available that allow social media to be monitored and should you require more information on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As an organisation, we are acutely aware of the regulations and expectations coming through both the Home Office and the Department for Education and as such we regularly engage with the IWF and SIC, attending meetings with both organisations as well CEOP and the National Educational Network Safeguarding group. Through this engagement we are able to keep our technology up to date as well as the keeping schools we support up to date with the latest information on Digital Safeguarding.

If you have any further questions, or would like more information about our filtering solution then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0300 303 89 50 or email sales@ict4c.co.uk



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