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FREE Anti Buyllying Lesson Idea

Anti-Bullying Week

This year’s Anti-Bullying week takes place from the 14th-18th November and the theme is ‘Power for Good’. Use your lesson to encourage students to say positive things about each other.

  1. Ask your pupils to pick a name out of hat
  2. Get them to create a Voki which describes a quality about the pupil they have selected (e.g. clever, funny, kind)
  3. Share the Voki with the rest of the class and discuss how this makes your pupils feel


Click here for your FREE resource from Basecamp which includes a step-by-step guide on how to create a Voki (talking avatar). Alternatively, for more information about Basecamp get in touch on 0300 303 89 50 or email sales@ict4c.co.uk


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